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Create Your Own Icon Packs with Icon Pack Mixer

Android offers an extensive array of customization options. From third-party launcher replacements to icon packs. These i..

How to Get Re-sizeable Multitasking Windows on Android without Root

As mobile hardware becomes more powerful, it is only natural for users to expect the software to be able to use all that ..

Get Stock Android Notification Shade on Any Android Device with Material Notification Shade

Get Stock Android Notification Shade On Any Android Device There is no denying the fact that Android is the most customiz..

NavBar Animations Adds Beautiful Animations to Your Navigation Bar (Without Root)

Of late, Android has been opened up to navigation bar customizations. We’ve seen options to customize it, to some extent,..

Give Your Home Screen a Pinch of Fancy with These Amazing Zooper Widget Skins

Out of the various number of ways users can customize their Android device, widgets truly stand apart. Widgets have long ..

Battery Meter Overlay App for Android Displays an Elegant Battery Meter on The Status...

Battery Meter Overlay App For Android With more and more technological advancements happening in the mobile world, natura..

Android Myths and Facts: Busting 10 Urban Legends

Android Myths and Facts The Moon mission was a farce. The Illuminati is a secret society set to take over the world. Andr..

Past and Future of the Linux Kernel on Mobile Devices

Past and Future of the Linux Kernel on Mobile Devices Linux kernel is known to run on a wide variety of devices. It can p..

Google Search Now Prefers A User’s Location Over The Domain But Here’s A Workaround

Up until now, there was a pretty neat way of using Google search from a different locale or language. All you had to do w..

How to Turn off Battery Optimization for Individual Android Apps

We may have gotten used to having the world at our fingertips, but today’s smartphones are nothing short of modern marvel..

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