This site is growing. The 02th september 2015 we’ve invested in another server. And all of us generate gigabytes of traffic per day, and needrom must pay this traffic . It’s not the most expensive thing in the world, but it has reached a point where i can no longer pretend it costs absolutely nothing.
Absolutely all proceeds from donations will benefit to this community.


Brad Campbell5$
Gertrude Resler7$
Robert Hampton2$
Arienne Fluet12€
Huwaidah Hayed Haik2$
Tobias Koenig8$
Vilma Mattsson15€
Triệu Quí Dân5$
Anselma Lettiere11€
Kia Lepistö5€
Vladimír Valášek2€
Mikkel Mathisen1$
Luong Thị Thanh Chậm3$
Фаина Маслова11€
Halla Baldvinsdóttir15$
จุฑาธิป นันธานี8$