Enjoy Louder Volume on Moto G4 with Volume Booster Mod


Long gone are the days where a phone is just used for calling and SMS. Smartphones have fundamentally changed the way we use and interact with portable phones. Voice assistants, biometric scanners, wider camera lens, VR and everything once we thought was fantasy is slowly turning to reality. Smartphones are eventually turning into power houses for playing games and watching high definition videos. After all this mumbo jumbo, I still didn’t find a smartphone which delivers the best audio experience. Ultimately, I always prefer a volume booster mod or audio enhancer mod to live the day.

In the past decade, we’ve witnessed a huge development in processing power and quality software. However, almost every OEM miss the importance of quality audio experience on their devices. Speaker quality is the most neglected thing in smartphones but thanks to volume mods, we can get the best of our devices. Talking of volume mods, XDA member hp420 has made a volume booster mod for Moto G4 2016 devices. This simple Moto G4 Volume mod will increase the loudness of your speaker without damaging the hardware.

The Volume Booster Mod will change the stock values of the mixer_paths.xml file to improve the Volume level. As this file is located in the system partition, you’ll need a rooted device to make changes to it. The default volume level in Moto G4 devices is 84 and increasing this value will boost the volume level. The XDA developer has made some optimal mixer_paths.xml files for Moto G4 devices. So, let’s see how to use those files to boost Volume on your device.


How to Install Moto G4 Volume Mod

  1. Download and install any root explorer of your choice. You can use the app below:
    Explorer Speed Software Productivity Free Download
  2. Download and transfer the modified mixer_paths.XML file of your choice and transfer it to your device’s storage.
  3. Open the explorer app, rename the original mixer_paths.XML file in /etc/ to mixer_paths.xml.bak just to have a backup of the original file.
  4. Rename the modified mixer path file that you’ve downloaded to mixer_paths.XML and copy the file to /etc.
  5. Change the permissions to 644 (rw-r-r) and double check the permissions once again.
  6. Reboot the device.

After installing this mod, you’ll notice a significant increase in the volume levels of your device. If you feel like reverting back, replace the modified file with the stock mixer paths file. That’s it.


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