How to Decrypt Data Partition on an Encrypted OnePlus 5


OnePlus released the flagship smartphone from the company earlier this year which is the OnePlus 5. The device has been launched with Dual Rear Cameras, Snapdragon 835 chipset, as well as premium, build all at a reasonable price starting at $479. Looking at the price of the device, there was no doubt that the smartphone would not sell well and same is the case with the OnePlus 5. According to the company, the OnePlus 5 is already the fastest selling smartphone from the company beating the last year’s OnePlus 3/3T. Now, we have already seen that the security on the smartphone is the most important aspect on any smartphone nowadays and same is the case with the OnePlus 5.

In terms of the security of the smartphone, the OnePlus 5, same as the other flagship smartphones launched this year comes with Encryption by default which means that the data on the smartphone is stored in an encrypted way which is hidden from the attackers who get into the smartphone. This means that even if the smartphone has been hacked and the data has been compromised then also the data will not be in a readable form and the process to convert the data to human readable form is a very tedious one.

Now, although there are many benefits of encrypted data and encryption on the devices, there are some down sides to this as well. First of all, if you are someone who changes ROM on their device every week or every month then encryption may have already caused a headache for you. This is because nowadays most of the ROMs come with encryption enabled by default. Also, if you want to have MulitROM support on your device which means to install two ROMs on the same device then this can also be hard on an encrypted device.

Another advantage which is the most important one for various users is the support for Xposed Framework which is a module heavily used by many for customizing various aspects of any device. Xposed Framework is also not compatible on an encrypted device thus it is needed to decrypt the device in order to use the above-mentioned features.

Now, decrypting a device is a little time consuming but more difficult is the part where we have to wipe data on the smartphone in order to encrypt the data and then decrypt the data. Also, encrypted devices are comparatively slower in performance compared to the decrypted devices.

Now, there is one simple application developed by a recognized developer daxiaamu on XDA which makes the process of decrypting the smartphone very easy.


  • This application works only on the OnePlus 5 and this should not be tried on any other smartphone
  • After performing the steps mentioned in the guide, all the data on your smartphone will be erased so it is recommended that you take a backup of all the important files present on your smartphone

Steps to Decrypt the OnePlus 5 using OP5 DecryptData application

  • First of all, download the OP5 DecryptData app file on your smartphone | Download.
  • Now, once the app file has been developed on your smartphone, proceed with the installation of the app on your smartphone.
OP5 DecryptData app installation process
OP5 DecryptData app installation process
  • Once the application has been installed on your phone, you will see two buttons at the top of the screen inside the app which can be seen in the screenshot attached down below.
OP5 DecryptData app homescreen
OP5 DecryptData app homescreen
  • Now, you will need to click on Step 1 button and then tap on the Step 2 button inside the application.
  • Once you have clicked on both the buttons one by one, your OnePlus 5 will reboot in bootloader mode where you will be asked to unlock your smartphone with a Pin or Password whichever has been set by you to unlock the device.
  • Once you enter the correct Pin/Password, your OnePlus 5 will get Decrypted but keep in mind that all your data and files that were present on the phone will be erased.
  • After this, your OnePlus 5 will automatically reboot to the system and you will have a Decrypted device in your hands.

Once you have followed all the steps mentioned in this guide, you will have a Decrypted OnePlus 5. However, if you are stuck on any step mentioned above then you can ask us via the comments section down below


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