How To Install MT65xx Preloader USB drivers


Note:Please do not use any Rom that is not specified for your device,otherwise it will brick your device.

1.Get necessary drivers and install them

The package should contain files shown as below.

2.Install the mtxxxx preloader drivers.

Right click InstallDriver.exe – Run as administrator.


The program will run automatically and finish the installation like this.

Right click Computer – Manage -Device Manager

In Device Manager,choose one of the groups,then click on Action – Add legacy hardware 

Click Next

Choose Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)

Show All Devices – Next

Click Have Disk and browse the driver file

Locate file in the mt67xx preloader driver folder,access the following folder according to the operating system of your computer

For Win 7 32-bit system, select usb2ser_Win7.inf

Win 7 64-bit system,select usb2ser_Win764.inf

Select MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM Port,click Next

Start the installation,click Next

Finish the installation

Check Device Manager,there should be the MediaTek preloader driver

* If SP flash tool or other software still don’t detect your phone then also install MediaTek DA VCOM (consider installing more from the list of drivers one at a time if need be)

* If you get the code 10 error after the installation, simply ignore it and proceed with SP flash tool. You’re only getting that error because the driver is not digitally signed.

3. Start to Flash a Rom

Right click the tool – Run as administrator

File NameDownload LinkHow to install
MT65xx Preloader USB driversDownloadVideo Tutorial


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