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Today, for the majority of us users out there, a life without internet seems almost impossible. If you are regular to this website and also have read most of my articles, you pretty much know by now that how much importance I give to apps. Sure, apps are a very important part of our mobile lives. However, for these apps to function, we would require an internet connection. The internet is as important as apps are. Moreover, through the internet, we get a wide range of information and is also in-turn a basis for a complete mobile life experience. Furthermore, Just internet is not enough, but, the speed of the internet connection should also be quite good. To check the internet speed on your Android device, naturally, an internet speed test app would be required. Speaking of internet speed test apps for Android, there are a plethora of them available in the Google Play Store. The internet speed test app for Android I have for you readers today is called Meteor.

Meteor is not just any normal internet speed test app. In the sense that, along with the ability to test your internet speed, it also shows you how an app would perform based on your internet speed. Speaking of the apps, it shows you the popular social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. You also have the option to add more apps to able to test how they would perform based on your internet speed.

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at the app as depicted by the screenshots below.

Meteor introduction

Welcome to Meteor. Test your internet connection and check how the apps would perform based on the test.
Asking for permission to access your device’s location.
Cosmo monster is your friend in Meteor. This remains as a floating icon in the edge of your screen. It shows you tips on how to use Meteor and more from time to time.
To start the internet speed test, Tap START TESTING.

Internet speed test

Main screen of Meteor shown. You are provided with three tabs: SPEED TEST, DASHBOARD, AND HISTORY.
SPEED TEST tab. Testing internet connection speed. It tests the Ping, Upload, and Download speed.
Speed test is done. Results shown.
In the speed test results page, select an app to know how would it perform based on the speed test, Neat!. Moreover, tap on an app to view its performance details. Go through the next screenshot carefully.
App performance details.
Speed test results page shown. Tap on Add apps located in the bottom right-hand side to add more apps to see how would they perform.

Based on the screenshots above, you could also add more apps to check how would they perform based on the speed test. Refer the screenshot below.

To add more apps, drag and drop the available ones into the empty circular space.
Dashboard tab. It shows you the test locations, the number of test done and more. Here, you also have the option to turn off Cosmo monster.
HISTORY tab. In this tab, you are shown all the tests you have done so far, sorted by date and time.
Tap the three line button to bring up this menu. Here you have the option to run a new speed test, access settings or invite a friend. Moreover, you also have an interesting option called Message Monster. Check the screenshot below to know about Message Monster.
Message Monster allows you to send your valuable feedback to the developers of Meteor for further improvement of the app.


Settings. About Meteor, General settings, data contribution settings, and grading apps settings.
General Settings. Here you have accessibility settings and App Permissions settings.
Data contribution settings.
Grading Apps settings. Turn on the option to be able to send your valuable feedback to the developers to further improve the app in future updates.


And there you go Droidviewers and tech enthusiasts on my review of Meteor, an internet speed testing app that quite does the job. However, to be honest, based on my experience of using this app, I can say that this app is good enough only to get a right idea of how an app would perform. But, don’t get me wrong, the internet speed test is pretty much accurate.

Let me know in the comments section on your take and experience with the app. Download via the link given below.

Meteor: Free Internet Speed & App Performance Test OpenSignal.com Tools Free Download


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