UVLens Helps Keep You Safe Outdoors from Harmful UltraViolet Radiations


One of the major causes of skin cancer is the exposure to harmful UltraViolet radiations which are emitted from the sun. Moreover, UltraViolet rays or to say in short UV rays directly damage the DNA of the skin cells.

People who are exposed to UV rays for an extended period of time are more likely to be affected from skin cancer. The amount of exposure depends on the time period the skin of exposed to sun or the strength of the UV rays. As a result, people working outdoor for a long period of time are the most affected.

To help protect all of us from the harmful UV rays, today I would like to introduce you to an app called UVLens that would help keep you safe outdoors. Let’s get started with features and screenshots to have an in-depth look.

UVLens features:

UVLens main screen is the Home tab. Shows you the time for when it’s safe to go outside. Hence the UV Index forecast for the day.

In the above screenshot, UVLens shows there are moderate amount of UV rays that would affect you while you are on the go. Furthermore, it also shows a particular time frame in which you should be careful while out there in the sun.

Tap on My Skin tab and then tap GET STARTED to personalize your skin profile to know whether you could get skin burned according to current conditions.
Input your basic information. Moreover, scroll down to add additional information. Refer to the screenshot below.
Input additional informataon as per your preference.

After personalizing your skin profile, tap SAVE, located on the top right-hand corner of your screen. Next, it shows whether you are safe or not to go out there in the sun.

Safe to go out there. Moreover, tap the blue sunscreen button located on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to access the sunscreen settings.
Sunscreen settings. Here, you have the option to set the type of sunscreen you use. Set the SPF value, it’s water resistance. Moreover, you could also specify what type of activities you would be doing outdoors and also let it remind you to reapply the sunscreen if necessary.

Refer to the screenshots below to learn more.

Set your sunscreen’s SPF level.
Set your sunscreen’s water resistance level.
Select the type of activity you would be doing outside.

Tap on the settings tab to access settings.

Settings such as temperature units and to show numerical UV Index on the main screen along with sign-in option available.

Home screen widget

A neat little homescreen widget is available that shows the UV Index for the current location and whether it’s safe to be outdoors or not. Below is the screenshot of the home screen widget in action. The widget in the screenshot is indicated by a red arrow for your reference.

Home screen widget as indicated by the red arrow.


So there you go with an overview of the neat little app called UVLens .Exposure to UV rays are one of the major causes of skin cancer. However, you could try to avoid prolonged exposure to sun or put on a sunscreen while planning to go outdoors to help minimize the exposure to the harmful UV rays.

Feel free to chime in the comments section below on your thoughts about this neat little app. Goodbye.

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